We work with our clients to clarify their goals and create strategies for large impact-oriented investments. We then help source and rigorously vet potential nonprofit or NGO grantees that are candidates for a philanthropic portfolio. For the grantees our clients select, we help structure the grants, identify milestones, and set up systems for measurement and continuous improvement.

The Bridgespan Group has been an outstanding partner to the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation for the past fifteen-plus years. As a result of our partnership, we and our grantees are making smarter strategic decisions and producing greater impact for our nation's most disadvantaged children and youth.

Nancy Roob, The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation

Bridgespan focuses on maximizing social impact, and they do it in a way that resonates with an investor. My meetings with them were highly efficient. They did sourcing and due diligence on potential grantees with the kind of rigor that gave me great confidence in my decision to make a big bet through my own organization, the Cohen Veterans Network.

Steven Cohen, The Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation

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