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How does the recruiting timeline work at Bridgespan?

For Associate Consultant and Consultant positions in the U.S.:
We traditionally recruit during the fall for start dates the following year (i.e., recruiting during fall 2022 for start dates throughout 2023).

The recruiting process for 2022 start dates is complete. For Associate Consultant and Consultant positions starting in 2023, the recruiting process will kick off in August of 2022.

For Associate Consultant and Consultant positions in Mumbai:
The Consultant application for our Mumbai office is currently open and has an application deadline of January 31, 2022 at 11:59 IST.

For Manager positions in all offices:
We hire on a rolling basis through the calendar year. Our application for U.S. offices and Mumbai office is currently open.

Which positions are currently available?

Please review the Current Jobs at Bridgespan page.

Is Bridgespan open to full-time remote employees at the AC and C level in the US offices?

As of now, we are expecting AC and C new employees starting in the fall 2022 to be located in their home office city during their first year of employment. However, Bridgespan is currently piloting a more flexible model of working that may result in a shift to our policies. We will keep this FAQ up to date as we learn more.

US Offices

Webinars for Associate Consultant and Consultant Candidates:

Mumbai Office

We will be hosting recruiting webinars on February 18, 2022 at 6 pm IST. Please register for the webinar by clicking this link.

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