Gail Perreault


Gail Perreault, a partner in Bridgespan’s Boston office, heads the organization’s research and publishing team. She joined Bridgespan in 2003 and helped develop the firm's internal and external knowledge infrastructure.

Gail has been a thought partner and active contributor on numerous Bridgespan publications. She is the co-author of "Ten Ways to Make a Big Bet on Social Change" (Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2017), “Making Big Bets for Social Change” (Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2015), "From Small to Scale" (Nonprofit Quarterly, 2012), "Finding Your Funding Model" (Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2011) and "How Nonprofits Get Really Big" (Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2007). And she was deeply involved in Bridgespan’s "Leadership Deficit" and "Growth of Youth-Serving Organizations" research.

Gail has served as the director of learning and performance management at the Jacobson Family Foundation. She was formerly a consultant at Bain & Company, where she was an early member of the firm's private equity group. Gail received a BA in Mathematics and Physics from Bowdoin College and earned an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.