Katherine (Kat) Kaufmann


Katherine (Kat) Kaufmann is a partner in the Boston office of The Bridgespan Group and is a member of the Children, Youth, and Families practice, leading much of Bridgespan's work in early childhood.

Kat co-authored Achieving Kindergarten Readiness for All Our Children: A Funder's Guide to Early Childhood Development from Birth to Five (Bridgespan.org, October 2015), which presents 13 specific and tested opportunities philanthropic donors can pursue to create positive impact for children and society. Kat has collaborated closely with numerous leading foundations, nonprofits, and individual donors working to promote early childhood development and kindergarten readiness.

In addition to her deep work in early childhood, Kat has helped individual philanthropists, foundations, and nonprofit leaders convert their visions for the world into strategies for impact across multiple sectors including public health, education, and youth development.

Prior to joining Bridgespan in 2005, Kat worked at Bain & Company with clients in consumer products, retail, publishing, industrial products, and the pharmaceutical industries. She assisted clients in assessing new business opportunities, benchmarking competitor performance, and evaluating potential investments.

Kat earned her MBA from Harvard Business School in 2001, where she was a Baker Scholar. Kat also served for four years in the United States Navy as a supply officer on the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a BA in social studies.