Bridgespan Executive Team Diagnostic

Welcome to The Bridgespan Group’s Executive Team Diagnostic. This tool allows you and your team to identify areas of strength and places were you might improve your effectiveness. By taking a simple 18-question survey, requiring no more than 5-10 minutes, you will gain insight into how your team perceives its performance in the five categories that characterize effective executive teams: Work of the Executive Team, Executive Team Composition, Effective Executive Team Meetings, Executive Team Dynamics and Behaviors, and CEO Management of the Executive Team.

Start the Diagnostic

To begin the survey, you must either already be registered on or complete a short registration process. The first registrant should be the CEO/ED of the organization, as that person will then provide email addresses for the remainder of their executive team. Each individual will then receive a link to complete the diagnostic. Each individual’s responses will remain anonymous, and the CEO/ED will be able to view and share the full team report with aggregated responses when all individuals have completed the diagnostic.