Helping Impact Investors Generate Social and Environmental Impact

As an impact investor, you make investments with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

We work with impact investors, foundations, family offices, and individual philanthropists to enhance the social and environmental impact of investments across a range of asset classes—from private equity to pay-for-success. Whether you want to set and revise your fund impact strategy, develop an impact assessment methodology, or measure and manage your impact during ownership, our experienced teams can help. 


How We Help You Meet Your Impact Investing Goals

We bridge the worlds of finance and consulting with a deep commitment to grounding our analysis in rigorous research and quantitative evidence. We speak the language of finance and the language of impact while taking into account structural barriers involving race, gender and other aspects of equity specific to the regions in which you want to invest. And we have experience assessing more than 300 potential social impact investments in nine sectors across more than 50 countries. Our services include:

  • Fund Strategy: We help you articulate the impact you want to achieve, identify priority outcomes, and find the right balance between financial return and impact (For more detail see our frequently asked questions about getting started with impact investing.)
  • Thesis Development: We'll work with you to create opportunity maps, articulate your investment theses, develop logic models linking those theses to evidence, and help you identify high-impact opportunities
  • Impact Underwriting: We can develop an impact assessment methodology to fit your needs, formalizing impact assessment as part of due diligence, and assess the impact of potential deals (aligned with the Impact Management Project)
  • Portfolio Support: We'll help you develop a process to measure impact, both during ownership and at exit, and identify key performance indicators to track during holding based on the investment's industry. (For further explanation, see our frequently asked questions about measuring impact.)

How We Helped ABC World Asia Develop an Impact Framework

ABC World Asia (ABC), a cross-sectoral impact investing fund launched in 2019, aims to close gaps in UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) progress and galvanize the Asian investing community toward greater impact. As part of the fund’s launch, we helped the client team develop an impact approach and assessment framework that incorporated key questions on prioritization, evaluation, and monitoring of SDG-linked targets. We continue to collaborate with ABC to conduct impact diligence on pipeline opportunities.

How We Helped ABC World Asia Develop an Impact FrameworkImage

How We Collaborated with The Rise Fund

The $2 billion Rise Fund is the world’s largest impact investment fund with a commitment to achieving outcomes aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We collaborated with the Rise Fund to develop a rigorous, quantitative impact assessment methodology (the Impact Multiple of Money) to evaluate potential investments. We also assisted in executing this assessment for four years, underwriting the social and environmental impact of every potential investment. Our work culminated in the creation of Y Analytics, an impact measurement spin-off of the Rise Fund.

How We Collaborated with The Rise FundImage

What The Rise Fund Has to Say About Working With Bridgespan

"Bridgespan's work is practical, execution-oriented, and courageous. I believe their contributions to The Rise Fund will advance the field of impact investing and our collective desire to measure and manage towards greater impact."

Maya Chorengel, Senior Partner
The Rise Fund

Clients We Have Helped with Their Impact Investing

Bridgespan Publications about Impact Investing

Our publications are prominently featured on news platforms that reach both the social sector and the for-profit sector. The breadth and depth of topics covered by our publications position us as thought leaders in the impact investing industry. For a more complete list, please visit our impact investing publications page.

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