June 26, 2024 10:00 AM - June 26, 2024 11:00 AM EST

How African NGOs Grow

What does it take for NGOs in Africa to grow?

The Bridgespan Group took a look at 85 NGOs in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa that have grown in size and in the impact they’re having and came away with five findings—around their key funding sources, the strategies they have adopted to secure this funding, and how the funding has enabled them to scale and sustain their organisations.

Drawn from our soon-to-be-released report, “How African NGOs Grow,” Bridgespan manager Julia Standish-White will provide an overview of the new research, while partner Niloufer Memon will moderate a conversation with African NGO leaders Kehinde Ayeni (Executive Director, LEAP Africa), Grace Matlhape (CEO, SmartStart) and Julius Mbeya (Co-CEO, Lwala Community Alliance).

The research highlights how many African NGOs have grown despite widely prevalent funding scarcity and uncertainty. We hope this conversation highlights promising practices for other African NGOs that hold similar growth aspirations, and helps philanthropic audiences understand the role they can play in driving growth and impact of NGOs doing transformative work on the continent.