October 18, 2023 1:00 PM EDT

Webinar: Using Data to Lead: Creating a Leadership Team Dashboard



Get better at using data. It’s been on your list for years, but you’ve never nailed it. What does it even mean to get better at using data? We measure ALL THE THINGS for our funders and other external constituents, but is it telling us what we need to know? What should we do once we have the information? How do I get everyone on my team better at using data?

In this webinar, we will discuss what is required to use data to get results by exploring how to:

1. Build an executive team dashboard that is ACTUALLY useful

2. Identify what to measure so you’re not swimming in overwhelming pools of data

3. Define metrics and targets as well as build practices and behaviors to consistently use data to improve

4. Translate your executive team dashboard into an effective medium for communicating with your board

In addition to sharing tools and tips for building your own executive dashboard, leaders from A Place Called HomeNorayma Cabot (CEO) and Laura Mills (Sr. Director of Data and Systems Operations)will join us to share their team’s experience building and using an executive dashboard to align on common points of meaningful data, monitor progress against strategic plan goals, and focus their organization on what matters most.

Additional measurement and leadership team dashboard resources:


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