January 15, 2016

2010 Nonprofit Social Media Report Resources

Social media is a hot topic amount nonprofits, but many organizations lack clarity on just how such outreach connects to furthering their mission and impact. In the Bridgespan white paper, “Getting Social Media Right:  A Short Guide for Nonprofits," we explore seven rationales for using social media and how they can further, or hinder, an organization’s aims.

By: Chris Lindquist, Richard (Dickie) Steele

Below are links our nonprofit social media report "Getting Social Media Right:  A Short Guide for Nonprofits," the full set of questions from our 2010 Social Media Survey, and an Excel spreadsheet of the raw data from our respondents. (All email addresses and organization names have been removed in the interest of privacy.) Please feel free to review and analyze the numbers as you see fit. If you reference the data in your own publications, all we ask is that you credit Bridgespan and link back to this page.

We're also hosting discussions around nonprofit social media topics on Facebook, so please join us there. Finally, if you would be interested in joining a Nonprofit Social Media Practitioners Group that will provide an opportunity for both in-person and online discussions around social media issues for nonprofits, please send an email to Chris Lindquist ([email protected]).


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