August 7, 2007

Abstract: MY TURN, Inc. (2007)

After successfully completing a three-year growth plan in two years, this community-based youth development agency was primed for more. What were the right next steps?

By: Margaret Boasberg, Barbara Christiansen

In 2003, MY TURN (aMerica’s Youth Teenage Unemployment Reduction Network, Inc.) had developed a three-year business plan that envisioned significant growth in the number of communities and youth it was serving. Within two years, the organization had knocked that ball out of the park, and its leaders were energized to do more.

At the same time, however, they were concerned about the speed of the organization’s growth, and their ability to attract funding. Would it be better to add programs, sites, or both? What would growth entail for their staff, systems, and existing organization structure? How much new funding would it take to grow, and how could they acquire the necessary funds?

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