May 3, 2004

Aspire Public Schools Business Plan

How do you transform education for every child in the state of California?  Aspire Public Schools set out to create a plan to reach this very goal.

Determined that every kid in California receive a great education, Don Shalvey founded Aspire Public Schools in 1999 to provide an alternative to poorly-performing public schools. By its fifth anniversary, Aspire was operating 10 schools in the Central Valley and Bay Area. But Shalvey and his Aspire colleagues wanted to do more; they wanted to transform education for all kids in the state. With help from the Bridgespan Group, Aspire’s leadership established a plan to reach this ambitious goal. They developed a strategy that entailed building cooperative relationships with school districts and set a target for the number of Aspire charter schools needed to catalyze statewide change.

This business plan is a companion piece to the Aspire Public Schools: From 10 Schools to 6-Million Kids case study.

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