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Please check back frequently as we add additional resources for those interested in learning more about innovation labs. During the course of the insight center, we'll be providing survey results, videos, and other materials intended to help you better understand the landscape of innovation labs as well as their uses.

How Social Innovation Labs Can Advance Your Work

This document addresses key questions to understand when and how to work with social innovation labs. It also includes several case studies and examples.

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View our recorded webinar

View a recording of our November 10, 2014, webinar intended to build an understanding of what social innovation labs are and how they can be used to address complex social and environmental problems. We share research, expert insights, and perspectives on how these labs have helped funders and nonprofit organizations create environments conducive to innovation and experimentation.

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Insights from innovation labs survey

This document summarizes the results of a survey of 75 innovation labs. It includes an overview of the landscape of innovation labs, lab practices and results, and perspectives on what is needed to advance the field.

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Insights from funder survey on social innovation labs

This document includes insights from a survey of 23 funders to understand their perspectives on and experience with social innovation labs.

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