March 25, 2009

Conversation Starter: How do you evaluate fit?

What role does "fit" play in your organization's hiring process?

The economy has left many business professionals wondering “what’s next?” For a growing number the question is leading them to explore the nonprofit sector and the possibility of finding more meaningful work in a position that speaks to their skills.

Could the analytic training and functional skills these folks bring to the table be helpful? No question, the answer is yes. But there is also the vexed question of “fit.” And fit is, as we know, a tricky thing to evaluate, depending, as it does, on many factors – most if not all of them highly subjective.

What role does "fit" play in your organization’s hiring process? And how do you determine whether someone is a good fit—especially someone who's a talented manager without nonprofit experience?

Contribute to the conversation by sharing your ideas and advice in the comment area below.

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