July 8, 2011

Government Funding Quick Hits #1

Deficit reduction’s constituency problem, what if Washington really worked, better bang for the taxpayer’s buck, and a great decision checklist for nonprofit leaders living in uncertain times.

By: Daniel Stid

Some quick hits for nonprofit leaders on topics that might be of interest:

Dave Leonhardt has a great piece in yesterday’s New York Times explaining why “there isn’t much of a constituency for deficit reduction,” and how the CEOs on the Business Roundtable are decidedly not among its members.

In a similar vein, check out Marc Goldwein, Associate Director of the Simpson-Bowles Commission, on The Atlantic’s website about the story we’d read “if Washington worked”—but alas it doesn’t, so we won’t.

On the brighter side, the Washington State Institute for Public Policy has a short report out on “evidence-based ways to deliver better outcomes per taxpayer dollar” that is well worth digesting. (Thanks to Bianca Albers (@FECAlba) for the link.)

Finally, for the nonprofit executive directors out there struggling to make better tradeoffs amidst daunting uncertainty, here is a great decision checklist from Nobel-winner Daniel Kahneman and co-authors in the Harvard Business Review(Subscription or article purchase required).

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