June 1, 2023

Guide: Strategic Planning Resources for Nonprofits

This collection of nonprofit strategic planning resources can guide you, your board, and your leadership team through the process and help you avoid the potential pitfalls you may face along the way.

The strategic planning process offers a nonprofit’s leaders to step back and look at their organization and its activities as a whole—to understand what success looks like and to allocate time, talent, and dollars to the activities that can help achieve it.

When done well, strategic planning clarifies the path forward, informs resourcing decisions, sets in motion key organizational changes. The advice and information offered in these resources can help your organization avoid the pitfalls of strategic planning and get real value from the process.

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  • How Nonprofits and NGOs Can Get Real Value from Strategic Planning. This article and its resources share four vital elements common to most strategic planning approaches.
  • Bridgespan's Strategic Planning at a Glance. A one-page guide to the strategic planning process, with the critical questions you'll ask during it. 
  • Practical Questions Your Board and Team Might Ask About Strategic Planning. Here we share frequently asked questions and provide answers, to help you better explore your organization's readiness and preparedness to start a strategic planning process.
  • Useful Tools for Nonprofit Strategic Planning. In this list, we provide definitions for a number of useful tools common to the strategic planning process and describe how they are used.

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