January 15, 2016

More on Collaborating with Government and Communities

Resources on philanthropic collaboration with government and communities.

Transformative Scale: The Future of Growing What Works
Too many organizations--even the successful ones--are only scratching the surface of the problems they are trying to solve. This article identifies nine pathways to massively scale impact to truly meet needs. The pathways aren't necessarily new or exhaustive, but they do reflect a new understanding and create a renewed energy around what's possible.

Getting Serious About Scaling Impact
Really solving social problems at home and abroad will require us all--social sector leaders, philanthropists, policy makers, and businesspeople--to think, act, and invest differently. But how?

Bloomberg Philanthropies Funds Innovation Delivery Teams to Help Cities Tackle Problems
Drawing from the knowledge gained during his many years as New York's mayor, as well as input from other municipalities worldwide, Bloomberg began asking some hard questions about what stood in the way of such innovation.

Transformative Scale: Pathways to Greater Social Sector Impact
After getting really good at developing programs that work and spreading them to multiple locations, social sector innovators and philanthropists have identified their next big challenge: How can they make the leap from today's incremental growth to reach massive numbers of people in need domestically and around the globe?

Collaborating to Fix Government: California Forward
Some philanthropists throw up their hands in frustration when encountering dysfunction such as political gridlock. But rather than accept the "inevitable," the James Irvine Foundation led a collaboration of philanthropists in a bold effort to tackle the underlying causes of California's political challenges.

Pete Peterson: Fighting Debt to Preserve the American Dream
Philanthropists have a unique opportunity to call attention to important issues that are politically difficult to address. That's just what Pete Peterson did.

Needle-Moving Collective Impact Guide: Community Collaborative Life Stages
This guide to collaborative life stages can assist community collaboratives to succeed at any stage in their life cycle--from planning and development, through roll-out and course-correcting, and on to deciding their next steps.

Needle-Moving Collective Impact Guide: Capacity and Structure
One of the defining characteristics of community collaboratives that really get things done is dedicated capacity. The purpose of this guide is to provide guidance and examples of how to structure and staff your collaborative to help ensure its success.

Needle-Moving Collective Impact Guide: The Next Generation of Community Participation
Many community collaborative leaders readily acknowledge that a strong community partnership is needed to thrive, and yet most believe they have much to learn about ways to engage the community. This guide highlights approaches to engagement and shares a number of examples of how collaboratives are effectively engaging their communities.

Cliff Notes: Government, Nonprofits, and Philanthropy
Daniel Stid's blog looked at issues surrounding how government, nonprofits, and philanthropy are supporting people in need.

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