January 25, 2022

Knowledge Letter - January 2022 - Five Ways to be More Inclusive in Your Nonprofit's Decision Making

Five Ways to be More Inclusive in Your Nonprofit's Decision Making

The who, what, and how of organizational decision making
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January 25, 2022
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Knowledge Letter
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Five Ways that Nonprofits Can Make Decision Making More Inclusive—and More Effective

Diverse team
By Mike Ciccarone, Preeta Nayak, Yonatan Araia, and Bradley Seeman

Nonprofits are emphasizing inclusion to make their decision-making processes more effective. For many, it’s also a means of achieving more equitable outcomes.
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The RAPID Decision-Making Tool for Nonprofits

RAPID Roles for Effective Decision Making
By Mike Ciccarone, Preeta Nayak, Yonatan Araia, and Bradley Seeman

Who should be involved in making a decision? What role should they play? The RAPID® framework can help your team map decision-making roles, create a shared language, and bring transparency to your nonprofit's decision-making process.
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Free webinar

Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Time: 1 p.m. ET/ 10 a.m. PT

The 70/20/10 approach to talent development is a practical, powerful way to improve your team. It builds staff members’ skills and capabilities with 70 percent on-the-job learning, 20 percent coaching, and 10 percent formal learning. With this flexible tool, you will be ready to co-create plans that weave development into your team's everyday activities.

Join us for a free introduction to creating and using 70/20/10 in your organization. You’ll hear from nonprofit leaders who have used it and learn:
  • How it can transform organizational culture
  • How it can support your nonprofit's future leadership needs
  • How to apply it yourself using templates provided by Bridgespan
The webinar will be presented by Bridgespan’s Meera Chary and Barbara Christiansen, with their special guest Elisa Gahng, managing attorney at Kids in Need of Defense.
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