August 14, 2023

Knowledge Letter - July/August 2023 - Impact Investing in Africa

Closing the capital gap for social impact in African countries
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July/August 2023
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Knowledge Letter
Strategies for Social Impact

Closing the Capital Gap on Impact Investment in Africa


By Bernard Chidzero, Serena Fu, Nkanyiso Hlongwa, Fhatuwani Mabila, Rossina Naidoo, and Roger Thompson

African fund managers face unique obstacles that impede their access to capital for social impact. Given their lived experience, networks, and access to opportunities, they are well placed to deploy impact capital on the continent.

This new Bridgespan Africa report surfaces ways that “first-mover” investors can back African fund managers with confidence while also achieving financial goals.

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What Does It Truly Take for Funders to Nurture Equitable Systems Change?

By Don Gips, Lija McHugh Farnham, Emma Nothmann and Kevin Crouch

In mission-driven circles, systems-change work–which is focused on the root causes of problems–is sometimes treated like an unattainable dream. But it doesn’t have to be. This article in Alliance Magazine discusses why systems orchestrators/field catalysts are among the highest-leverage investments philanthropy can make when it comes to equitable systems change.

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Video: How to Create an Adaptive Plan


An adaptive strategy allows nonprofits to make progress toward long-term goals while staying flexible to respond to current events, crises, threats, and opportunities in the short term.

Learn how to create your own adaptive strategic plan in this new video featuring Bridgespan Principal Lindsey Waldron. This video is based on the article “Make Your Organization More Resilient with Adaptive Strategic Planning.”

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