October 31, 2022

Knowledge Letter - October 2022 - How funders can address structural racism

How funders can address structural racism

A look behind the curtain
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October 2022
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Knowledge Letter
Strategies for Social Impact

Unlocking Social Progress by Addressing Structural Racism

By Britt Savage, Cora Daniels, Michael Borger, Peter Kim

After pledging to give more to racial equity, many funders find themselves unfamiliar with the type of work to which they’re now committed. But there are guideposts for what interventions that address structural racism look like.

In our recent research, we observed seven critical characteristics shared by a variety of ongoing efforts working to achieve equitable structural change (see the image above).

This new report, created in collaboration with the Racial Equity Institute, offers funders a look behind the curtain at what it takes to truly create lasting social change. 
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What Everyone Can Learn From Leaders of Color
November 2, 2022
1-2 pm ET


The importance of putting BIPOC leadership at the forefront for the sake of impact is an argument that has already been made many times over. Bias-fueled myths about the lack of qualified leaders of color have repeatedly been debunked. This conversation isn’t to convince you of these things.

Join us for a conversation that aims to elevate the assets and skills leaders of color bring because of their identity that make them effective leaders.

This webinar will explore questions such as:
  • In what ways do personal experience and identity strengthen the work of BIPOC leaders?
  • How can we better recognize and support the overlooked skills that are critical for impact, particularly in commitments to structural and systemic change and that BIPOC leaders often differentially possess?
  • What lessons can be gleaned from refining our definition of leadership to be more inclusive and equitable?
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India’s richest doubled their wealth in the pandemic. It is time donors ramp up their giving to those working to address deep-rooted inequities in our society.

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Imagine if Philanthropy Got Serious About Ending Structural Racism

By Britt Savage, Cora Daniels, and Peter Kim

We frequently hear that the kind of work needed to achieve racial equity can, for funders, feel slow, amorphous, hard to measure, even risky. Our recent research offers examples of how that happens.

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