October 3, 2022

Knowledge Letter - September 2022 - Practical Advice for Better Measurement

Practical Advice for Better Measurement

Resources for more equitable evaluation and learning
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September 2022
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Knowledge Letter
Strategies for Social Impact

How Nonprofits Can Incorporate Equity into Their Measurement, Evaluation, and Learning

By Mariah Collins, Sebastian Gonzalez, Elias Rosenfeld, and Bradley Seeman

Measuring with equity means incorporating a range of voices and viewpoints, while putting challenges and solutions from your community and constituents at the core of how you think about impact.

This article offers practices you can embed in your measurement, evaluation, and learning to help ensure equity considerations become part of your day-to-day, year-on-year improvement efforts.  
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Conversation Starter: How to Measure with Equity


A companion to our new article on measuring with equity, this conversation starter is a guide to embedding practices that promote equitable forms of measurement, evaluation, and learning.


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Designing Nonprofit Measurement, Evaluation, and Learning for Equity

Wednesday, November 16
12 - 1 pm ET / 9 - 10 am PT

How is equity embedded in your approach to measurement and evaluation?

Performance measurement is a tool for learning and decision making that leads to better performance. Core to doing this well is measuring with equity–something nonprofit leaders are increasingly seeking to incorporate into their measurement work.

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn what it means to incorporate equity into a nonprofit’s measurement, evaluation, and learning

  • Hear about examples from nonprofit leaders in the field

  • Gain practical advice for creating equitable impact through your work

In addition to sharing tips for incorporating equity in nonprofit measurement, Jennifer Reid Davis, head of strategy and equity at Noble Schools, and George Reuter, director of impact and innovation at Compass Working Capital, will join us to share their experiences and perspectives.

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