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Engage Senior Leaders

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When it comes to leadership development, the CEO leads the way. Regardless of titles, the CEO is the chief talent officer. No one else can more effectively champion the cause, and efforts will make little headway if the CEO is unsupportive. But no CEO can do it alone. To build the next generation of leaders, the CEO needs to influence the work and perspective of everyone else involved in the effort, most importantly senior leaders and the board.
How to Engage Senior Leaders in Leadership Development
It is essential that leadership development initiatives at nonprofits begin at the very top. This article explores how nonprofit executive directors/CEOs can effectively engage senior leaders in this important process within their organizations. It offers five actions leaders can take to build momentum and includes references to sample tools used by nonprofits for leadership development.

Create a Conversation Calendar to Engage Senior Leaders
Save the Children's CEO Carolyn Miles makes sure that timely leadership development discussions occur with her senior reports by scheduling them. Look at her example and create your own calendar using the template provided.

How Engaged Is Your Board? Take Our Board Diagnostic
How engaged is the board in your nonprofit’s leadership development? Board members can take this short survey to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

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1. Introduction: Building Your Plan A

2. Engage Senior Leaders

3. Understand Future Needs

4. Develop Future Leaders

5. Hire Leaders Externally As Needed

6. Monitor and Improve Practices

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