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Introduction: Building Your Plan A

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Bridgespan’s Nonprofit Leadership Development Toolkit, and the guide, videos, and tools within it, are designed to share stories, lessons, and immediately actionable next steps so that you can effectively work with your senior leadership team to develop the next generation of leaders for your organization.
Video: Introducing Bridgespan's Nonprofit Leadership Development Toolkit
Succession plans help you replace what you already have. “Plan A” will help you create the team you’ll need in the future. This video sets the framework for the entire site by explaining what you’re building toward.
Draft a "Plan A"
Download this Plan A template now, and see how much of it you can fill out. Then complete steps 1 to 3 and come back to your Plan A—you should be able to edit and refine it!

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1. Introduction: Building Your Plan A

2. Engage Senior Leaders

3. Understand Future Needs

4. Develop Future Leaders

5. Hire Leaders Externally As Needed

6. Monitor and Improve Practices

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