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Understand Future Needs

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At some point in its existence, every nonprofit arrives at its own "sobering moment." Its leaders realize they must reexamine their goals and assess whether they have the people in place who can lead in the future. What roles will they be asked to fill? Do they have the competencies required to fill those roles? Can those competencies be developed, or will the organization have to look outside to find the next generation of leadership?

Step 1: Understand your future needs

What Should Your Team Look Like in Three to Five Years?
Three steps to tie the skills and talent your organization will need to your strategic planning efforts.

Create a Future Needs Assessment for Your Organization
Study a sample Future Needs Assessment that tracks Y-USA’s planning experience, and then create your own Future Needs Assessment.

Step 2: Identify future leaders to fill those needs

How to Evaluate Staff to Identify Leaders
This video explores the performance-potential matrix, a tool you can use to assess an employee's current performance and the likelihood s/he can succeed in a leadership role.

Evaluate Your Staff to Identify Potential Leaders
Use the performance-potential matrix to identify future leaders in your organization. Calibrate your answers with the rest of your leadership team.

Step 3: Revise your Plan A

Revise Your Plan A
Now that you’ve done some deep thinking about your future needs and your future leaders, come back to your Plan A and revise your original plan.



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1. Introduction: Building Your Plan A

2. Engage Senior Leaders

3. Understand Future Needs

4. Develop Future Leaders

5. Hire Leaders Externally As Needed

6. Monitor and Improve Practices

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