COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources for Nonprofits and Funders


We’ve pulled together a collection of online resources that offer valuable guidance on navigating the current times—both responding to the pandemic and preparing for the possibility of an economic downturn. If you have relied on other resources your peers would find valuable, please let us know by sharing here.

Last updated March 25, 2020

Nonprofit response

  • BoardSource outlines the role and responsibilities of nonprofit boards in crisis situations, emphasizing the importance of steadfast leadership, adaptability, and contingency planning.
  • Washington Nonprofits (the state’s association for nonprofits) offers a high-level summary of potential actions to take and provides links to other sources with more detailed advice.
  • The Nonprofit Finance Fund’s “COVID-19: What Nonprofits Should Do Right Now” provides actionable steps nonprofits can immediately take, as well as downloadable tools and templates, to manage the effects of COVID-19.
  • The National Council on Nonprofits provides easy links to the various state associations of nonprofits—trusted entities that are curating the rapidly evolving information on the virus and tailoring it to their state-specific context.
  • Bridgespan’s "Eight Steps for Managing Through Tough Times" details specific steps for weathering uncertainty, including planning contingencies and protecting your core operations.

Philanthropy response

Impact investor response

  • In Three Ways for Impact Investors to Respond to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, Bridgespan’s Michael Etzel and Mariah Collins share three concrete steps impact investors can take to support and safeguard the impact of their investees now and in the future.
  • For impact investors, investment firm Capria and global nonprofit Accion offer advice to share with your investees on preparing their businesses for the months ahead.
  • In a statement issued by Good Finance, social investors reassure their investees that they will continue to provide support during the pandemic.

Equity considerations

  • Helen Lewis’s article, “The Coronavirus Is a Disaster for Feminism” in The Atlantic discusses the pandemic’s effects on women and gender equality, stating that “one of the most striking effects of the coronavirus will be to send many couples back to the 1950s. Across the world, women’s independence will be a silent victim of the pandemic.”
  • Vu Le’s post “A few things for nonprofits and foundations to consider in light of the coronavirus” on NonprofitAF shines a spotlight on the needs to advocate for stronger safety nets, address accessibility and discrimination against people with disabilities, and take public stances against racism.
  • Lauren A. Smith of FSG details “Seven Things Philanthropy Can Do” with advice on keeping equity considerations front and center—underscoring that “any natural disaster or public health emergency always takes an increased toll on those groups who were marginalized or excluded before the emergency.”

The virtual world

General resources

  • The World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control continue to be go-to sources for the latest developments and recommended actions.
  • Independent Sector offers "Information on COVID-19," a curated list of resources and articles to help members of the charitable sector serve their communities.
  • IDR offers a crowdsourced list of guidelines and practices for organizations, funders, and foundations in India grappling with the effects of COVID-19.
  • For guidance on caring for your mental health and those of your employees, this article in Forbes by Kelly Greenwood, and this one by Kristie Brewer in BBC News, offer some helpful insights and suggestions.
  • A series published in SSIR investigates the connection between inner well-being and social change, suggesting that “supporting the inner well-being of change makers can boost capacity for innovation and collaboration, and ultimately lead to more effective solutions to social and environmental challenges.”
  • Harvard Business Review’s8 Questions Employers Should Ask About the Coronavirus” is a valuable reference for any employer, with topics including visitor and travel policies.
  • School Closures offers a free compendium of tools and resources for parents dealing with school closures, including a curated list of online education sites and apps, age-specific daily schedules for home schooling, and lists of activities kids can do at home.

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