August 12, 2016


A performance evaluation tool that provides a high-level overview of the progress of key activities and initiatives towards annual objectives and strategic priorities

The expected results or outputs from each key activity or strategic initiative

Major efforts required to make progress toward the strategic goals

Intended Impact
Specifies the social change you are trying to achieve, for whom, and over what time period

Interdependencies, Sequential
Processes that rely on the deliverables from one key activity or stage of work before they can proceed

Interdependencies, Simultaneous
Connections between different key activities and initiatives that require matching resources or concurrent work across different organizational units

Key Activities
Major tasks to be completed in carrying out an initiative

The major events, accomplishments, deliverables, and decisions within each strategic initiative

Strategic Goals
Multi-year objectives established and embedded in your strategic plan

Performance Metrics
Empirical variables selected to provide insight into the results of activities and initiatives

Work plan
The unique set of key activities, deliverables, and milestones for an individual, program team, or organizational unit


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