March 14, 2016

Measuring to Improve

The most valuable and least understood purpose of performance measurement is how it enables organizations to improve impact, whether that’s through better services for clients, better resource allocation, more rapid innovation or other benefits. The entries below share experience around how to use measurement to continuously learn and improve. You can also learn more about our work on our measurement, evaluation, and learning services page

Actionable Measurement: Getting from "Prove" to "Improve"

Making Measurement Work in Large, Complex Organizations

Five Ways Funders Can Replicate What Works

Impact, Not Overhead, Is What Counts

Beyond Input—What Happens When Nonprofits Really Engage The People They Serve?

Measuring to Improve vs. Improving Measurement

Ten Years of Performance Measurement

How Leading Philanthropists Fail Well

What Obama’s Campaign Can Teach Nonprofits about Measurement

Social Sector Measurement: Down but Not Out

Measuring to Scale What Works at the YMCA

Five Ways to Avoid the Data System Trap

Communicating Impact: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It!

On Sports and Performance Assessment

Actionable Measurement at the Gates Foundation

How Would Your Constituents Measure?

Measuring Advocacy - Yes We Can!

Measurement that Benefits the Measured

Four Ways Donors Support Their Grantees with Performance Measurement

Six Pitfalls To Avoid in Developing Your Theory of Change

How FIRST Refined Its Theory of Change to Improve Measurement

You May Be Looking for the Wrong Measurement Director - Matthew Forti

Making Measurement More Than an Add-on

Worth a Look: PerformWell Performance Management Resource

Pop Quiz: How Can Measurement Improve Student Learning?

Seven Deadly Sins of Impact Evaluation

What “The Wire” Has to Teach Us about Nonprofit Performance Measurement

Ensuring That “Scaling What Works” Actually Works

Refreshing Your Nonprofit Board Dashboard

Donors Want More Information on Impact

Measuring Leadership Development

Making Money: A Bonus of Measuring to Improve Performance

Could Poor Economics Unleash a Quality Revolution?

Mobile Measurement: Lowering Costs and Engaging Beneficiaries

Developing Your Measurement Pathway

Don’t Let Conventional Measurement Wisdom Fragment Your Impact

Live from InterAction Forum: Trends to Watch in NGO Measurement

How Funders Can Support the Leap of Reason

Now, What Exactly Should We Measure? - Nonprofit Performance Measurement

Creating a Culture of Learning and Accountability

Best of Both Worlds: Bridging the Gap Between Monitoring and Evaluation

Measuring to Improve Impact

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