May 23, 2019

Nonprofit Executive Team Resources

These resources provide practical advice and deep dives from experts on how to increase the effectiveness of nonprofit executive teams.

This special collection looks at the different priorities, expectations, systems, and behaviors that can improve nonprofit executive team performance. We also share a number of experts’ perspectives, offering deep
dives across critical elements of effective executive teams: how to lead a highperforming team, set the right priorities for its work, optimize its composition, lead effective meetings, support effective team dynamics, and finally, embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into its work.

Regardless of your organization’s size or stage of growth, this special collection offers practical advice, tactics, and tools for getting the most from the work executive team members do together.

Executive Team Effectiveness Toolkit

Boost your executive team's performance using the tools and approaches featured in our latest toolkit.

Increasing Nonprofit Executive Team Effectiveness

By Libbie Landles-Cobb, Henry Barmeier, and Kirk Kramer

A nonprofit executive team's effectiveness is essential for an organization's success. Yet often these teams underperform for a variety of reasons. The five steps laid out here can help nonprofit executive teams move from underperforming to high-performing in their work to advance their organizations' missions. Read more >>

How to Lead High-Performing Nonprofit Executive Teams

By Roxane White

Roxane White, former CEO and president of the nonprofit Nurse-Family Partnership, shares approaches she's used to encourage high-performance from the executive teams with which she has worked. Read more >>

How to Define the Work of Nonprofit Executive Teams

A Q&A with Ruth Wageman

In this Q&A, leadership expert Ruth Wageman discusses how to get teams focused on the priorities that will make the most of their valuable time. Read more >>

How to Optimize Nonprofit Executive Team Composition

A Q&A with Nicki Roth

Careful assessment of what you need to lead your organization over the long haul provides a good starting point from which to consider who and what roles should be on your executive team. Read more >>

How to Lead Effective Nonprofit Executive Team Meetings

By Libbie Landles-Cobb

Avoid these common mistakes and establish good practices to transform your nonprofit executive team meetings from time sinks into engaging opportunities to really get things done. Read more >>

How to Support Effective Dynamics in Nonprofit Executive Teams

A Q&A with Peter Thies

Peter Thies, president of Boston-based consultancy The River Group, offers a glimpse inside his playbook for developing effective nonprofit executives teams, highlighting the team dynamics that support collaboration. Read more >>

How to Integrate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into Everyday Operations

By Maria Hernandez

Nonprofit leaders committed to integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into their organizations will need to adopt new practices and behaviors to live into this goal.

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