January 5, 2024

Stakeholder-Engagement Toolkit

The stakeholder engagement toolkitYour key stakeholders—ranging from clients and staff to board members, funders, and community partners—experience your organization from different vantage points. As such, their input and insight can help inform your nonprofit's strategic planning. Their combined perspectives will round out the picture for your strategic plan, filling in blind spots and offering answers to open questions. And stakeholder engagement improves your plan by incorporating diverse perspectives and ideas to help shape your organization's future. 

To help you build a plan for engaging stakeholders, Bridgespan has developed this Stakeholder-Engagement Toolkit. The tool walks you through the three components of a stakeholder-engagement plan (who and why, how, and when) and helps you steer clear of mistakes nonprofits commonly make in engaging their stakeholders.

To download a PDF of the toolkit, please fill out the form below. We use the information we collect to help us improve our content and to inform our funders about the impact of our work. We will never share your personal information with any third party without your permission. 

If you'd rather not share your information, you can download the toolkit by clicking here.

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