April 6, 2017

Strategic Planning Resources

A collection of strategic planning resources covering implementation of strategic plans to strategically growing a network's impact.

Implementing a Strategic Plan

Has Your Organization Successfully Moved from Strategic Planning to Implementation?

Bridgespan Group Manager Laura Lanzerotti recently asked members of the Bridgespan LinkedIn communities about their organizations’ experiences moving from strategic planning to implementation. Their answers provide useful advice for organizations moving from strategy to implementation.

When Is It Time to Update Your Strategic Plan?

When is it time to update your strategic plan? This sidebar from "Living Into Your Strategic Plan: A Guide to Implementation That Gets Results" outlines a number of situations that could signal your organization needs to update its plan.

Living Into Your Strategic Plan: A Guide to Implementation that Gets Results

This six-step guide can help you and your organization create a path toward implementation. It provides strategies and tools nonprofits can use to implement their strategic plans in an effort to achieve impact year after year.

Increasing Impact at National Networks

National Networks: Planning Can Align a National Nonprofit Network for Full Impact

How a nonprofit network develops its strategic plan is as important as what that plan ultimately says.

Growing Network Impact: How Nonprofit Networks Are Raising the Bar on Results

For decades, the primary pressure facing nonprofit networks was to build a bigger footprint—be in more places, serve more people. Now that pressure is being equaled by another: to get better. This executive summary outlines five critical elements for network improvement.

Preparing to Grow Your Network’s Impact

This practical companion piece to "Growing Network Impact: How Nonprofit Networks Are Raising the Bar on Results" shares five common elements that networks have used to improve their impact. These elements can ultimately help your organization build a foundation for your own efforts to improve effectiveness throughout your network.

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