January 15, 2016

The 5 P's

Defining these anchors—the people, places, problems, pathways, and philosophies you really care about—will help you narrow your choices and describe (in broad strokes) the impact you’d like your philanthropy to have.

People: defined by a population and their unique circumstances (e.g., impoverished children)

Places: defined by the health and vitality of a location (e.g., a neighborhood such as Harlem, or an ecosystem such as the San Francisco Bay Delta)

Problems: defined by a potential harm or obstacle to human or environmental well-being (e.g., low graduation rates or climate change)

Pathways: defined by a belief in a particular solution or approach (e.g., the power of a mentor to guide and teach youth, or the power of technology to solve health challenges)

Philosophies: defined by a viewpoint on how the world works or should work (e.g., promoting democratic principles)

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