July 18, 2016

Alter Attitudes Behaviors and Norms

For a certain category of issues, impact at a transformative scale requires altering the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of many people so that the change becomes the new social norm. Social marketing and grassroots-organizing tools are a few of the methods groups are employing to obtain these results.

Transforming Society’s View of Retirement
Marc Freedman, Encore.org
Encore.org seeks to reset the norm for the second half of life so that for generations to come people serve the social good in their 60s and beyond.

When the Rhythm Changes, So Must the Dance
Molly Melching, Tostan
Tostan's Community Empowerment Program empowers African communities to understand and claim their human rights via self-organized grassroots movements.

To Reach Transformative Scale, Transform the Conversation
Gerald Chertavian, Year Up
Year Up is helping corporations understand the potential of six million "opportunity youth" currently disconnected from stable career pathways.

Give People the Tools to Change Their Own Lives and Their Communities
Willa Seldon, The Bridgespan Group
Empowering communities to create their own solutions can lead to social impact more quickly than is possible through government or business-led interventions.

A New Approach to Global Conservation
Steve McCormick, Earth Genome Project
We need to shift our view of conservation from protecting nature from people to protecting nature for people.

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