July 18, 2016

Change Public Systems

The path to transformative scale in sprawling public systems requires changing the systems themselves. Public system reformers often pursue one of three distinct avenues to achieve transformative impact: change a critical component of the system; inspire change by demonstrating a better way and embarking on a change management process; or gradually injecting new leadership.

From Tiny to Transformative: Match Education’s Quest for Impact
Jeff Bradach, The Bridgespan Group
Match Education seeks to transform low-performing public schools nationally by being an engine of discovery and applied innovation that benefits educators across the United States.

Transformative Scale Means “Crowding In”
Susan Davis, BRAC USA
BRAC's concerted advocacy work and talent and policy development efforts have significantly influenced the education system in Bangladesh, including the government's stance on pre-primary school.

Empowering Movements for Global Education Reform
Wendy Kopp, Teach For All
Teach for All is using a loose network to develop high caliber talent that will transform national education systems.

Transformative Scale: The Future of Scaling What Works
Jeff Bradach and Abe Grindle, The Bridgespan Group
Organizations such as the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Teach for America demonstrate how to change public systems by altering a key component of the system, inspiring change by showing a better way, or gradually injecting new leadership.

Why Quality Matters More than Scale in the Push for Universal Pre-K Education
Jeff Bradach, The Bridgespan Group
To achieve universal quality preschool, we need to link funding to impact while expanding coverage.

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