July 18, 2016

Consider For-Profit Models

In some cases, a for-profit business model might be the most effective strategy to achieve transformative scale. Nonprofits and philanthropists often can play a critical role in unleashing the scaling power of for-profits by demonstrating the viability of a new market or business.

The Power of Profit in Advancing Systemic Change
Michael Chu, Harvard Business School
For-profit models hold great potential to address social issues at a transformative scale but must overcome three high hurdles to do so.

VisionSpring Aims to Provide Eyeglasses to Millions
Kevin Hassey and Jordan Kassalow, VisionSpring
VisionSpring is developing sustainable and scalable business models that do not rely upon ongoing philanthropic support.

Answers to Your Transformative Scale Questions
Jeff Bradach and Abe Grindle, The Bridgespan Group
In a variety of fields, for-profit models will play an integral role in producing outcomes that really matter.

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Transformative Scale: The Future of Scaling What Works
Jeff Bradach and Abe Grindle, The Bridgespan Group
The work of nonprofit and government agencies to prove the commercial viability of microfinance eventually unleashed the scaling power of for-profit capital markets.

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