September 9, 2016

Global Development

Faced with large populations in need and resource constraints, organizations working in developing countries have created unique models to push their scaling efforts forward. These organizations hold important lessons for others trying to operate at scale.

Transformative Scale Means “Crowding In”
Susan Davis, BRAC USA
BRAC, a Bangladeshi NGO, serves 135 million in 11 countries and is working to bring its education and Targeting Ultra Poor programs to millions more across the developing world.

VisionSpring Aims to Provide Eyeglasses to Millions
Kevin Hassey and Jordan Kassalow, VisionSpring
To reach the 700 million people in developing countries who would benefit from eye glasses, VisionSpring is developing sustainable business models and catalyzing a movement.

When the Rhythm Changes, So Must the Dance
Molly Melching, Tostan
Tostan's Community Empowerment Program empowers African communities to understand and claim their human rights via self-organized grassroots movements.

A New Approach to Global Conservation
Steve McCormick, Earth Genome Project
While more than 100 nations have some form of protected area system, new paradigms are needed to conserve the world's biological diversity.

Moving Ideas to the Mainstream
Mark Cheng and Caroline Guyot, Ashoka
The Ashoka Globalizer program is designed to train its fellows to address social challenges at a transformative scale.

Shifts in Thinking to Achieve Transformative Scale
Mark Bonchek, SHIFT Academy and thinkOrbit
Ushahidi's software platform enables local actors to mobilize global resources by reporting incidences of abuse and emergency needs in their communities.

Social Good = Scale x Impact (Who Knew?)
Matt Forti and Andrew Youn, One Acre Fund
One Acre Fund, which serves African staple-crop, small-scale farm families, has grown 75 percent in five years and nearly doubled its net impact per client by focusing on meaningful scale.

The Road to Scale Runs Through Improved Donor Strategies
Charles MacCormack
Funders in global development need to do things differently in order to achieve impact at a transformative scale.

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