September 9, 2016

Invest in New Capabilities

Transformative scale often requires major investments in capabilities that many nonprofits do not currently possess. Grantmakers should not shy away from investments in costly (but good) overhead, such as new talent, training, and technology.

Great Ideas and Great Execution Require Different Skills
Bill Shore, Share Our Strength
Innovating and scaling require different skill sets and different teams, so building the right capabilities for each phase is important.

Shifts in Thinking to Achieve Transformative Scale
Mark Bonchek, SHIFT Academy and thinkOrbit
Organizations need to adopt new mental models that include the move from hierarchy to network and greater community engagement to achieve impact at scale.

Can "Scaling What Works" and "Collective Impact" Join Forces?
Jeff Bradach, The Bridgespan Group
Investing in platforms for collaboration may help scale impact by aligning the efforts of different initiatives.

The Road to Scale Runs Through Improved Donor Strategies
Charles MacCormack
The Bill and Melinda Gates' Newborn Lives initiative is a good example of a foundation achieving large scale impact by investing in field building activities.

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