April 20, 2020

Video: Positioning This Great Pause as a Critical Pivot Toward More Equitable Funding Practices

Black nonprofit and philanthropic leaders reflect on the extraordinary burden of the COVID-19 crisis on BIPOC communities and leaders of color and the great opportunity it offers philanthropy to pursue more equitable funding practices that prioritize more proximate leaders and solutions. Download the Transcript

Visit our Racial Equity in Philanthropy Resource Center for more information about dismantling the persistent and substantial barriers leaders of color face in securing philanthropic funding.

The COVID-19 crisis is further exposing known inequities in both outcomes for marginalized communities and funding for the BIPOC-led organizations that serve them. There’s a unique opportunity to use this crisis as a catalyst to pivot to more inclusive, dynamic, and equitable funding practices that support the greatest impact for those most in need. In this session, Bridgespan Partner Darren Isom talks with a learning community of BIPOC nonprofit leaders and funders to:

  • Name the emotional weight leaders of color are carrying during these tough times
  • discuss the real-time challenges we are facing navigating the current crisis
  • explore solutions that position equitable practices as a solution to maximizing impact, now and on the other side of this crisis.


Rhonda Broussard, Beloved Community, New Orleans
Rhonda Broussard Beloved Community

Aisha Nyandoro, Springboard to Opportunity, Jackson, MS
Aisha Nyandoro Springboard to Opportunities

George Suttles, CommonFund Institute, New York
George Suttles Commonfund Institute

Tarik Ward, ELMA Philanthropies, New York
Tarik Ward Elma Philanthropies


Darren Isom, The Bridgespan Group, San Francisco
Darren Isom Bridgespan Partner

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