January 18, 2017

Workforce and Economic Security Resources

Resources related to youth employment, the gig economy, economic security, and workforce opportunity.

The Freedom, Insecurity, and Future of Independent Work

This Stanford Social Innovation Review article reflects on how a growing part of the workforce is earning a living independently. As a result, we need a new system that provides greater stability and security.

Youth Unemployment: Confronting The Elephant in the Room

In the United States, a number of well-known companies have developed innovative approaches to fill entry-level positions with unemployed young people. This Rotman School of Management magazine article shares their approaches, providing models from which others can learn.

Hidden Talent: How Smart Companies Are Tapping Into Unemployed Youth

This Stanford Social Innovation Review article discusses how refining the raw talent of the 5.5 million young Americans out of work and out of school provides compelling opportunities for companies, youth, and society—a rare trifecta on which a growing number of corporate leaders are betting.

Youth Hold the Key: Building Your Workforce Today and in the Future

This article focuses on the role that youth can play in helping employers meet some of their current and looming workforce challenges, and how companies can improve how they hire and retain youth.

Making Youth Employment Work: Essential Elements for a Successful Strategy

While many companies are interested in unlocking the promise to be found in young people, most don't know how to create a successful youth employment strategy. This white paper, created in collaboration with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, identifies common barriers that block many employers from developing a business-focused youth talent pipeline and offers practical strategies successful companies are using to overcome such barriers.

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