July 7, 2022

Bridgespan Nonprofit Development Program Testimonials

We are proud to have worked with many leading organizations.

"It was indeed a great experience to attend ASC through an extremely structured BNDP approach. This process has helped us to build a very coherent and focused team, aligned to a common purpose with well—defined 3 to 5 years targets. ASC structured concepts and case studies gave us opportunity to build some compelling value propositions in our field to create large scale impact."

—Amit Gupta, Founder, Grey Sim Learning Foundation

"Achieving Strategic Clarity, as the name suggests, truly helped our organisation to relook at our strategic priorities and go to the basics of the Why, the What and the How of our work. The pointers, questions, guidance, and resources provided in this programme enabled rich conversations among the leadership team members at Atma and helped us think through many simple yet complex aspects of work viz — What we do versus What we DO NOT do and Why. We strongly feel that this is a journey that every organisation should go through and keep performing this exercise throughout the lifetime of the organisation."

—Abhijat Bedekar, Chief Programme Officer, Atma

"This program came at the right time where we as a young organisation were at the intersection of building on the successes we have seen so far and building a strategy that really helps us reach our vision. We strongly believe in systemic work and the coaching conversations with the BNDP team helped us make specific goals. The video content, resources shared, and assignments pushed us as a team to root our work into a Theory of Change/strategy document for the organisation."

—Leadership Team at Leadership For Equity (LFE)

"We were a part of the first cohort of Bridgespan's "Achieving Strategic Clarity" course. While our main program had not been disrupted due to Covid, we had felt the need to introduce a lot more programs to our communities. It had begun to feel like we were spreading ourselves too thin."

"With this mindset we started the course. And even in the early conversations it was becoming evident that we had to prioritize what we wanted to do, match it to our inherent strengths and bring in more focus to our work. I shudder to think how disorganized we might have been today if we had not done the course last year."

"Through the clarity we got, we decided to focus all our resources only on our flagship "STEM based Innovation Hub" program and to scale that up. Based on our theory of change, we now have a clear 3—year plan outlined and are set to take the program to around 1500 students this year. Gaining clarity in the impact we want to see on the ground and our outcome indicators, we have also revamped our impact assessment in consultation with experts."

"We strongly recommend Bridgespan's programs and are looking forward to doing their other courses too."

—Henna Khan, CEO/ Founder, Universe Simplified Foundation

"The program helped the team see how connected each program is to our overall vision. It made everyone aware of how each person's work helps us move towards our goal. Now we tell our story better, because we have better strategic clarity."

—Sandhya Gupta, Founder, Aavishkaar

"The program allowed the team to think beyond their current functional roles and align together from an organizational lens to redefine the TOC & II. The framework of the program supported in building the pathway and simplified a mammoth task into actionable insights."

—Rahul Vincent, Senior Manager Projects, and Ami Patel, Director Business Development and Collaborations, Industree Crafts Foundation

"The Achieving Strategic Clarity Programme gave our leadership team the needed time and space to critically evaluate our strategic priorities. We engaged in honest, hard conversations through the programme and its guided process structure, including the personalised coaching meetings, really benefited us. I am looking forward to how we can take ahead the learnings in our work."

—Roshni Nuggehalli, Executive Director, YUVA

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