Investing in Future Leaders

Transform how your organization develops its emerging leaders

Through our Investing in Future Leaders module, you can transform how your organisation develops its emerging leaders.

In this program, Bridgespan will support your leadership team in developing a customized approach to talent development that will help develop your organization’s next generation of leaders.

This program is for organisations based in India. If you are based in another country, please explore our Leadership Accelerator program.

Program Benefits for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises

A steady pipeline of effective leaders prepared to step up can lead to:

  • Greater retention of high performers
  • A stronger, more inclusive, and intentional culture
  • A team that is better prepared to thrive in dynamic and uncertain conditions
  • Greater stability and resilience within the organization

At the end of the three-month period, leadership teams are expected to:

  • Define what “great leadership” looks like for current and future leaders by crafting a set of equitable leadership competencies
  • Co-create professional development plans with your staff that you can use immediately
  • Create an action plan to implement talent development across the organization

Who Should Participate?

The Investing in Future Leaders program is meant for leadership teams of nonprofits and social enterprises. This program may be the right for your organisation if:

  • Your organization is growing, or you have completed a strategic plan and want the right talent to bring it to life
  • You want to ensure you’re centering equity in your talent development practices
  • You need to do succession planning for key senior leaders

Please refer to the Investing in Future Leaders curriculum for further details on the module.

Clients with Whom We Have Worked

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The program's true cost is INR 8.75 lakhs (approximately USD $11,000) inclusive of taxes for a team of three to six. However, if you are a nonprofit/social enterprise applying directly, our fees range between INR 2.5 - 8.75 lakhs depending on your eligibility for a scholarship. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to know more. 

How to Apply

Applications for Investing in Future Leaders cohort will open shortly.