January 22, 2021

Technical FAQ: Bridgespan Leadership Accelerator

The following information provides answers to common questions about programs in the Bridgespan Leadership Accelerator (including Achieving Strategic Clarity, Investing in Future Leaders, Strengthening the Executive Team, and Creating an Adaptive Plan). If you don’t find the answer to your question in the sections below, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] (for program participants) or  [email protected].

I need to reset my password (I forgot my password)

If you have lost or forgotten your password, you can easily reset it. Click on "Forgot your password?" on the Sign In page, and then follow the prompts on the screen.

I need to add or remove a member of my team

If there are any changes to the members of your team, please email Bridgespan at [email protected].


I need to update my personal account information (e.g., name, email, password, profile pic, notification preferences)

If any personal information changes follow these steps:

  • Click on your profile photo or initials in the top of the left sidebar, and select "Account Settings."

  • Click on the "Edit" button corresponding to each section.

Should I update my photo and profile?

Yes! This will help your team members more easily identify you on the platform. To change your photo and profile follow these steps:

  • Click on your profile photo or initials in the top of the left sidebar, and select "Profile"

  • Upload a new profile picture (it will be automatically cropped for you to fit) and then you can edit your headline, bio, and other information as desired

  • You may even directly import information from LinkedIn or Facebook to get you started. Note that these imports will override any field that has content in it.

What are the technical requirements for participation?

Bridgespan’s courses run on the NovoEd learning platform. NovoEd is a web-based application that runs on all modern browsers.. We recommend using Google Chrome as the browser for the optimal user experience. See below for more specific information from NovoEd.

Browser Compatibility

NovoEd fully supports modern browsers with JavaScript and Cookies enabled. To verify your browser version and status, visit What's My Browser? prior to starting your course.

To download the latest browser updates click on the links below:

Note: Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer as of August 2021. Novoed does not recommend using it to access its platform. 

In case you encounter other browser issues we recommend visiting this site for information on clearing your browser cache as a possible remedy.

Note on Adblockers: Utilizing AdblockPlus on non-default settings may be incompatible with certain NovoEd features. If you're using AdblockPlus, we recommend to whitelist novoed.com or disable the "Block social media icons tracking" option.

Computer and Operating System Compatibility

NovoEd recommends using Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or newer.

Mobile Compatibility

Our application is fully compatible with iOS and Android-based mobile devices and browsers. If Google Play is not available in your country, use this direct link to download our Android app.

Low-Bandwidth Support

To support low-bandwidth (slow Internet) environments, NovoEd transcodes all videos in three resolutions. The lowest resolution should perform well in low-bandwidth situations. Videos are cached on your computer when viewing, so you can open a video and wait for it to finish downloading before viewing. All non-video content is highly optimized and loads quickly even in low-bandwidth settings.

The videos are not playing properly

If you are having issues playing the the videos, whether it is slow or simply does not work, please follow these steps which are usually effective:

  • Lower the video resolution

  • Try clearing your browser cache (instructions here)

  • Check your internet speed and connection here (note that sometimes peak internet usage hours can dramatically lower ability to stream videos)

  • Check to see if videos work better on a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox

  • Check if your browser is up to date by going here 

  • Check that the learning platform is compatible with your browser (list here)

If none of the above works, please contact [email protected].

The pages are not loading

Should you encounter any difficulty, we recommend clearing your browser’s cache as a first troubleshooting step. If the problem persists, please contact us at [email protected].

Who can see my responses on the platform?

Participants and their Project Leads are the only ones who can view their written Reflection submissions on the platform. Team discussion responses can be viewed by your full team.

Can I change my response to a reflection question?

Yes, simply reopen the assignment and click the "Revise" button.

Once you have made revisions, make sure to click "Submit."

Can I change my response to a survey submission?

Yes, simply update your response selections and choose “Submit.”

What is the Team Summit?

The Team Summit is the meeting you and your executive team will have during each milestone. This will be hosted by the Project Lead using platform video prompts. Your Project Lead will be scheduling these and preparing logistics.

When and where is the Team Summit?

Your team should decide when and where to meet for each Team Summit. You can do this in person or virtually using your own conferencing tools. Additional resources on the platform offer guidance for virtual teams.

How can I contact Bridgespan?

Project Leads may call into weekly coach "office hours." A schedule of office hour times will be shared by each program coach. Project Leads also can contact their program coach by emailing [email protected]. We recommend that program participants first reach out to their Project Lead with questions before emailing the Bridgespan coach.

You can visit our "Contact Us" page to request more information about Bridgespan in general.

I want to participate in another Bridgespan Leadership Accelerator program

Terrific! If you would like to be informed of future programs, please email [email protected].

How can I learn more about The Bridgespan Group?

The Bridgespan Group is a global nonprofit that strives to make the world more equitable and just. Since 2000, we have had the privilege of advising and collaborating with many of the world’s most extraordinary social change leaders including philanthropists, nonprofit and NGO leaders, and impact investors.

We are passionate about helping social change leaders find solutions to economic and social barriers that perpetuate inequities and prevent individuals, families, and communities from having access to opportunities they need to thrive. We use rigorous research to gain insights that help our clients solve problems and achieve their goals.

Our services include strategy consulting and advising, sourcing and diligence, and leadership team support. We take what we learn from this work and build on it with original research, identifying best practices and innovative ideas to share with the social sector.

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