Advancing Social Change

Whether you are a donor looking to accomplish more for your dollars or a nonprofit leader concerned with the future of your organization, The Bridgespan Group can help you reach your objectives.

We work with nonprofits, foundations, investors, philanthropists, and corporations to provide strategy consulting and leadership development that addresses pressing strategic challenges related to scaling social impact. What we learn from working with social sector leaders, we share in major publications and on our website.

For Donors and Investors

The Bridgespan Group collaborates with foundations and philanthropists to increase the clarity and aggressiveness of their giving as well as the impact of their grantees’ programs and services. We focus on four practice areas: education; children, youth, and families; public health; and global development. Within each of these areas, we pursue our work with a passion to bring about equality of opportunity.

We help donors invest big bets for social change. A big bet is a multimillion dollar philanthropic commitment to an organization or a defined initiative aimed at achieving major social change. Bridgespan helps donors design the strategy, implementation plans, and performance measures for big bets as well as help with sourcing and due diligence for the most promising grantees that are aligned with their ambitions. Read more >>

We help donors improve grantee performance. Many donors turn to Bridgespan to help grantees get better results. We collaborate with these organizations to advance their strategies and strengthen their leadership and operations. Read more >>

We work with donors who want to expand or reorient their philanthropy. Donors aiming to increase their giving or looking to make their philanthropy more effective tap Bridgespan’s deep experience in these areas. We tailor our work to meet the specific needs of individual philanthropists and foundations. Read more >>

We help clients decide if and how impact investing fits into their strategy. We develop fund impact strategies, identify high-impact investment opportunities, and support impact assessment through diligence, underwriting, and ownership. Read more >>

Making Big Bets

How do I align my social investments with my ambitions?

Partnering with Your Grantees

Helping nonprofits identify the steps to achieve greater impact.

Building Your Philanthropic Portfolio

Working with donors to define and measure success as they transition to greater giving or new goals.

For Nonprofits and NGOs

The Bridgespan Group collaborates with social change leaders in the United States and globally, seeking solutions to some of the toughest issues communities face. We focus on improving the results of social sector organizations by helping them to scale their impact, designing organizations for effectiveness, and building strong leadership capabilities.

We help nonprofits create strategies for scaling impact. We work closely with nonprofit and NGO leaders seeking guidance on critical decisions about the future of their organizations. Our highly collaborative process takes on complex problems and identifies practical solutions that can help organizations understand and overcome their biggest barriers to scaling impact. Read more >>

We help nonprofits design for effectiveness. Our clients include the social change leaders of large US and global networks (like the YMCA, The Boys & Girls Club, and The Salvation Army), multiservice providers, nonprofits and NGOs, and social entrepreneurs. All have big ideas for making their communities and the world a better place. Leaders of these diverse organizations seek our help to shape their strategies to maximize their impact. Our consulting services include change management, performance measurement, leadership development, cost analysis, and network effectiveness. Read more >>

We help nonprofits, NGOs, and fields develop strong leaders. Without strong leaders and teams, nonprofits and NGOs struggle to succeed. That struggle becomes widespread when leadership shortfalls affect entire social sector fields. Our consulting services, management tools, and practical insights help individual organizations and fields to develop strong recruitment, training, and retention strategies. Read more >>

Additionally, Bridgespan offers two leadership development programs for nonprofit organizations:

Bridgespan Leadership Accelerator Programs

Unique 16 week programs for nonprofit executive teams combining online lessons, individual pre-work, and guided Team Summits designed to help you nurture the talent you need to deliver on your strategic vision.

Leading for Impact

A two-year consulting program which helps executive teams of ambitious nonprofits pursue strategic opportunities and build capacity to improve their performance. Within this city-based program, teams work on customized projects and receive coaching support and training in strategic management concepts and tools.


Creating Strategies for Scaling Impact

Strategy is about getting critical resource decisions right.

Designing Effective Organizations

Developing action plans to help organizations have greater impact.

Leadership Development

Helping organizations build leadership and team capacity.

Areas of Expertise

We are passionate about helping to find solutions to the damaging effects of poverty and ensuring equal opportunity and justice. We’ve chosen to concentrate our efforts on four broad fields that we believe are crucial for achieving these objectives: education; children, youth, and families; public health; and global development.


Strategy development and philanthropy consulting to accelerate social change across the developing world.


Increasing college readiness and completion for students from low-income households.

Nonprofit Networks

Achieving the Full Potential of Nonprofit Networks

Public Health

Helping funders and nonprofits ensure all people live a healthy life

Children, Youth, and Families

Helping donors and nonprofits ensure that young people reach their potential.