Achieving Strategic Clarity

An online- and team-based program for nonprofit executives to clarify their strategy and articulate a path to greater impact.

Is your executive team focused on
the right strategic priorities?

Without a clear strategy, it can be challenging to make the right resource decisions, prioritize opportunities, communicate results, and ultimately have the impact you seek.

Achieving Strategic Clarity, a Bridgespan Leadership Accelerator program, can help. This program, which combines online learning with guided team meetings, equips you and your executive team with tools and a structured process to help you focus resources, empower your team, and deepen your impact with the communities you care about most.

The Work You Will Do

In just two hours a week over 16 weeks, you and your executive team will refine your organization’s unique strategy for achieving impact. During the program, you will:
  • Create or refine your Intended Impact statement that specifies the impact you seek to achieve
  • Craft a Theory of Change that specifies how you will achieve this impact
  • Determine near-term implications for the decisions you need to make
  • Identify open questions that your team will need to address
The Work You Will DoImage Access online lessons, self-study, and guided team summits through this unique program.

Tangible, Lasting Benefits & Results

By participating in the program, you and your executive team will have:
  • A shared understanding of the impact for which your organization will hold itself accountable
  • Improved executive team cohesiveness
  • Greater confidence to evaluate trade-offs and make critical decisions about resource allocation
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Tangible, Lasting Benefits & Results Image Space is limited, now enrolling for September 2019

Unique Program Features

  • Practical, tested tools and templates that you can use right away in your organization
  • Structured, self-paced program with guidance from Bridgespan consultants
  • Dedicated time for your executive team to devote to critical strategic thinking
  • An approach that enables you to integrate equity into your impact strategy
Webinar: Thursday, March 14th, 12pm PT/3pm ET
Unique Program Features Image Learn more during an Informational Webinar on Thursday, January 17th, 10am PT/ 1pm ET

Who Should Participate

The Achieving Strategic Clarity program is for nonprofit executive teams that want to get clear on the impact they seek to achieve and the approaches and priorities that will lead to this impact. This program might be right for you if you can answer yes to one or more of these questions.

Have you and your executive team:
  • Lacked alignment on your organization's goals and priorities?
  • Struggled with how to communicate the impact your organization seeks?
  • Wrestled with difficult resource allocation decisions and needed a set of criteria to help you make these decisions?
  • Experienced significant internal or external change that compels you to revisit the organization's core intention?
  • Named equity as a goal, and want your intended outcomes and approach to reflect and ultimately achieve that goal?
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How the Program Works

Executive teams meet over 16 weeks working through six milestones. Each milestone combines online lessons, self-study, guided team summits, and access to Bridgespan support.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Achieving Strategic Clarity Curriculum Overview

  • Milestone 1: Identify your major opportunities and challenges for the next 12- 24 months
  • Milestone 2: Develop/revise your Intended Impact statement to reflect current ambitions
  • Milestone 3: Develop/revise your Theory of Change and agree on the unique approach and capabilities needed to achieve your Intended Impact
  • Milestone 4: Assess where your Intended Impact and Theory of Change requires further research and discussion
  • Milestone 5: Identify open questions that your team will need to address to strengthen your Intended Impact and Theory of Change
  • Milestone 6: Identify implications of your revised Intended Impact and Theory of Change on future decisions

What Executives Say

"Working with Bridgespan allows you to take [your executive team] to the next level by stepping back and really taking that strategic aerial view of what’s going on in your organization."
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Pricing & Support

The Achieving Strategic Clarity program includes online facilitation, guidance, and support, and is designed to be largely self-facilitated by your team. In addition, Bridgespan offers guidance to participating teams via weekly office hours, and teams can request one private coaching session during the program.

Price: $5,500 for executive teams of up to eight members.
For organizations outside the United States, or those teams with more than eight members, please contact us at [email protected].

Scholarships: A limited number of scholarships are also available to organizations led by people of color. Learn More>>

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