Investing in Future Leaders

A 16-week program for nonprofit executive teams seeking to identify future leadership needs and create powerful, job-embedded development plans for their direct reports.

Nurture the Talent You Need to Deliver on Your Strategic Vision

Nonprofit leaders recognize the importance of talent to achieving their mission. But many are far less confident about how to develop that talent.

Investing in Future Leaders, a Bridgespan Leadership Accelerator program, is designed to address that gap.

How ready are your managers to execute on your strategy?

Talented leaders are critical to nonprofit organizations; but truly understanding how to develop people is complex. In the Investing in Future Leaders program, your executive team will put in place the job-embedded development plans necessary to ensure your organization has the leaders it needs when it needs them.
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Tangible Results

During the 16 weeks, your team will align on the skills you need to achieve your strategy, assess the capabilities of your direct reports, and draft development plans that embed learning in on-the-job activities. As a result of this program, you can expect to:
  • Improve retention of your top talent and leadership
  • Increase staff engagement and satisfaction
  • Build cohesiveness with your executive team
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How the Program Works

Executive teams meet over 16 weeks working through six milestones. Each milestone combines online lessons, self-study, guided team summits, and access to Bridgespan support via weekly group conference calls.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Investing in Future Leaders Curriculum Overview

  • Milestone 1: Align on future leadership needs. Discuss your organization’s unique starting point; align on strategic priorities and leadership implications.
  • Milestone 2: Identify core and leadership competencies. Agree upon a “starter list” of core job and leadership competencies needed for organizational success.
  • Milestone 3: Assess direct reports on competencies and identify priorities. Put competencies to use by determining what skills your direct reports have demonstrated—and those yet to be developed; identify what competencies to prioritize for development.
  • Milestone 4: Craft 70/20/10 plans. Move from goals to action by co-creating development plans anchored in job-embedded learning with direct reports.
  • Milestone 5: Set goals and create action plan. Set goals for the continuous improvement of your leadership development efforts and develop a plan to track progress.

Who Should Participate

Are you an ED/CEO looking for ways to develop and motivate your top talent? Investing in Future Leaders is designed for nonprofit executive teams committed to building a stronger pipeline of leaders within their organizations. This program might be right for you if:
  • You are growing and need practical ways to develop emerging leaders
  • You are a relatively new ED or executive team looking for opportunities to build stewardships of organizational talent
  • You’ve been wanting to create development planning processes, but haven’t known where to start
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What Executives Say

"Participating in the Investing in Future Leaders program was a wonderful value-add to FLY's existing talent development strategy. The program really pushed us to think critically about not only what our current emerging leaders need in order to grow as professionals, but also about the qualities we need in our future leaders for the organization to realize its vision for growth. Getting clear and on the same page about core and leadership competencies in particular really helped us prioritize where we should be investing in our leadership for both growth and succession planning."
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Pricing & Support

The Investing in Future Leaders program includes online facilitation guidance and support, and is designed to be largely self-guided by your team. For Bridgespan guidance during the program teams can participate in weekly office hours.

Price: $5,500 for executive teams of up to eight members.
For organizations outside the United States, or those teams with more than eight members, please contact us at [email protected].

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Discover how Investing in Future Leaders can build the talent in your organization

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