Elisabeth Makumbi

Manager, Johannesburg

Elisabeth Makumbi is a manager in The Bridgespan Group's Johannesburg office, with a focus on strategic advisory services and philanthropy. She delivers expert advisory services across program management, project coordination, and stakeholder engagement. Elisabeth’s consultancy experience spans a broad array of disciplines, incorporating technical know-how, policy analysis, legal insights, and governance strategies across different sectors. Presently, she holds the position of non-executive director at the Greater Cape Water Fund and Brightest Young Minds, a non-profit founded in 2000.

Elisabeth specializes in offering strategic counsel to various stakeholders including governments, private sector entities, multilateral organizations, and non-profits. Her advice covers strategic planning, governance, resource mobilization from international funds like the Green Climate Fund, and the development of impact frameworks for initiatives and financial mechanisms.

Before her tenure at Bridgespan, Elisabeth was employed at Pegasys, a development and strategy consultancy in Cape Town, South Africa, where she served as a consultant and engagement manager. Additionally, she was a legal consultant with the World Bank Group in Washington, D.C., where she contributed to the “Women, Business, and the Law Report”. Additionally, she has experience at Webber Wentzel Attorneys in commercial litigation and dispute resolution. Elisabeth is a graduateof Georgetown University, holding a master’s degree in international law, and the University of Pretoria, where she obtained her bachelor of laws. She also completed a certificate in systems change and social impact at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town.