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The Bridgespan Group provides free, monthly webinars for nonprofit, philanthropy, and other professionals in the social sector designed to provide expert insights, real-world examples, and practical tools that you can use to increase your impact in the world.

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Using Data to Lead: Creating a Leadership Team Dashboard

Get better at using data. It’s been on your list for years, but you’ve never nailed it. What does it even mean to get better at using data? We measure ALL THE THINGS for our funders and other external constituents, but is it telling us what we need to know? What should we do once we have the information? How do I get everyone on my team better at using data?

In this webinar, we will discuss what is required to use data to get results by exploring:

  1. How to build an executive team dashboard that is ACTUALLY useful
  2. How to identify what to measure so you’re not swimming in overwhelming pools of data
  3. How to define metrics and targets as well as build practices and behaviors to consistently use data to improve
  4. How to translate your executive team dashboard into an effective medium for communicating with your board

In addition to sharing tools and tips for building your own executive dashboard, Tara Peterson, CEO of YWCA Glendale and Pasadena will join us to share her team’s experience building and using an executive dashboard to align on common points of meaningful data, monitor progress against strategic plan goals and focus their organization on what matters most.

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Designing Nonprofit Measurement, Evaluation, and Learning for Equity

How is equity embedded in your approach to measurement and evaluation?

Performance measurement isn’t just a yardstick for success, it’s a tool for learning and decision making that leads to better performance. And, core to doing this well is measuring with equity—something more and more nonprofit leaders are seeking to incorporate into their measurement work.

Join this webinar to:

- Learn what it means to incorporate equity into a nonprofit’s measurement, evaluation, and learning
- Hear about examples from nonprofit leaders in the field
- Gain practical advice for leaders who seek to create equitable impact through their work and get better at weaving equity considerations into their day-to-day, year-on-year measurement, learning, and improvement efforts

In addition to sharing tips for incorporating equity in nonprofit measurement, Jennifer Reid Davis, Head of Strategy and Equity at Noble Schools, and George Reuter, Director of Impact and Innovation at Compass Working Capital will join us to share their experiences and perspectives.

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What Everyone Can Learn from Leaders of Color

“How do we make sure things at an organization meaningfully change besides just the faces around a table?”

“Does the diversity of leadership really matter if an organization already factors race into its strategy?”

We have heard a variety of questions–like these–in response to the calls to elevate leaders of color. To be sure, these calls across the social sector to put BIPOC leadership at the forefront have always been there for anyone willing to listen. The case for the importance of proximate leadership for the sake of impact has already been made many times over. Bias-fueled myths about the lack of qualified leaders of color have repeatedly been debunked.

This conversation isn’t to convince you of these things, rather, it is to elevate the assets and skills leaders of color bring because of their identity that make them effective leaders.

In addition to addressing the questions above, we’ll also explore:

  • In what ways do personal experience and identity strengthen the work of BIPOC leaders?
  • How can we better recognize and support the overlooked skills that are critical for impact, particularly in commitments to structural and systemic change and that BIPOC leaders often differentially possess?
  • What lessons can be gleaned from refining our definition of leadership to be more inclusive and equitable?
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