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Strategic Planning Amidst Uncertainty: How to create an adaptive plan
May 18, 2021 12:00 PM Pacific

For nonprofit leaders, the future often seems uncertain. Even if your team is clear on the impact it wants to have, how can you navigate the challenges that might arise? It can be difficult to know whether your nonprofit organization is heading in the right direction.

In this webinar, learn to proactively chart a course forward, even when the path ahead is unclear and the world around you might change. Through adaptive planning you can identify the priorities and actions that are most critical to success, and then build plans to act – and react – to risks or barriers that might be on your path towards impact.

In this webinar, you’ll:
  • Learn about “adaptive planning” – an alternative approach to “traditional” strategic planning
  • Hear about the concept of a “destination” to anchor an adaptive planning process
  • Understand how to define a set of priorities aligned with your organization’s destination
  • Think through how to take action, accounting for the potential hurdles you may face

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Innovate for Impact with Engine 1 / Engine 2
June 8, 8-9am PT / 11am-noon ET

A familiar challenge for many nonprofits is that as they succeed and grow, they find themselves pulled by two competing forces. 

On one hand, they want to expand their existing programs and services to meet ever-growing needs. On the other, they feel pulled to innovate to develop new solutions that can extend their impact much, much further. It is often hard to pursue both. 

This tension between continuing to run the core business while investing in innovation is a common challenge in the private sector. Bain & Co. has created a concept called Engine 1 / Engine 2 to describe this dynamic and help leaders effectively manage it. The concept is equally useful for nonprofits that need to balance a focus between continuing to tend to their existing programs and services (their “Engine 1”) while simultaneously innovating new approaches to impact (their “Engine 2”). 

During this webinar, authors of “Twin Engines for Propelling Social Impact,” (Laura Lanzerotti and Ann Mei Chang) will provide an overview of the Engine 1 / Engine 2 concept and two social sector leaders (Melissa Connelly, CEO of OneGoal, and Dr. Jordan Kassalow, founder of VisionSpring and co-founder of EYElliance) will share their experiences applying it.

Attendees will learn:
- What is the Engine 1 / Engine 2 concept, and when is investing in an Engine 2 important?
- Why Engine 1 and Engine 2 require different mindsets, capabilities, and success metrics.
- How to think about your nonprofit’s Engine 1 and Engine 2.
- How to balance the strategic and organizational tensions required to pursue both.

Moderated by Bridgespan Partner, Laura Lanzerotti.

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