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The Bridgespan Group provides free, monthly webinars for nonprofit professionals. Our webinars and trainings are designed to provide you with practical tools that can increase your nonprofit’s impact, your own professional development, and leadership skills. Sign up to attend a webinar that you're interested in below.


Level Up Your Executive Team
Jun 15, 2021 12:00 PM

The effectiveness of your executive team has a profound impact on the overall effectiveness of your entire nonprofit organization. Because the stakes are so high, even strong teams can benefit from moving from good to great. Join us for a 45-minute webinar and hear some practical tips for taking your Executive Team up a notch.

At this webinar, expert Bridgespan consultants will share:
  • The root causes of executive team challenges
  • 5 steps you can take with your executive team to significantly improve effectiveness
  • Tools, including a diagnostic, to help your team get started
It’s hard work getting this right and you don’t have to do it alone. It takes shared leadership, responsibility, and diversity of perspectives and experiences to make and execute on thoughtful, well informed organization-wide decisions. With the right tools and team buy-in, you can take your executive team effectiveness to the next level.

Not sure where to start? Download the Executive Team Effectiveness toolkit, based on years of extensive research and work with over 200 nonprofits.

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Is the Leadership Accelerator right for my team? Q&A and Sneak Peek
Apr 27, 2021 12:00 PM Pacific

The Bridgespan Leadership Accelerator is a flexible, self-paced program that blends online lessons, individual pre-work, and guided team meetings to help your executive team engage in talent development and strategic planning.  Join us for a conversation with two Bridgespan specialists to talk about how Bridgespan's Leadership Accelerator programs can help your organization.

We’ll cover:
  • Program basics: timing, what you’ll learn in each program, scholarships and talking to funders
  • Platform demo: what the online lessons and pre-work look like, how the in-person team summits are structured
  • QA with coaches: is this program right for you? Get the answers you’re looking for
We are now accepting applications for Strengthening the Executive Team, Investing in Future Leaders, Creating an Adaptive Plan, and Achieving Strategic Clarity sessions.

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Investing That Puts Impact First
May 11, 2021 1:00 PM Eastern Time

The tidal wave of attention to impact investing over the past decade has been dominated by a growing “finance first” approach which measures success by achieving market-rate returns alongside desired social or environmental change. This approach has gone mainstream and now includes institutional investors among its advocates. But there’s a lesser-known type of impact investing that puts impact first and accepts less than market-rate of returns. “Impact-first” impact investing extends a financial lifeline to enterprises unattractive to conventional investors. It measures success by social and environmental benefit, not financial return. As such, impact-first enterprises reimagine how capital is deployed in service of social good.

Among all investors, wealthy individuals and families are uniquely positioned to champion impact-first investing. In particular, as part of a broader portfolio (including philanthropy and market-rate investing) this type of impact-first investing can is well-suited for those who care about solving the world’s largest challenges like climate change, food insecurity, and racial injustice.

Our research addresses the barriers that have historically limited impact-first investing, lifts up inspiring examples of leading impact-first investors, and lays out the three step journey these pioneers have taken to lead on impact-first investing: 1) clarifying a commitment to impact and 2) relying on trusted collaborators set the stage for 3) choosing the investment options that meet your needs.

Moderated by Bridgespan Partner, Michael Etzel.

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Strategic Planning Amidst Uncertainty: How to create an adaptive plan
May 18, 2021 12:00 PM Pacific

For nonprofit leaders, the future often seems uncertain. Even if your team is clear on the impact it wants to have, how can you navigate the challenges that might arise? It can be difficult to know whether your nonprofit organization is heading in the right direction.

In this webinar, learn to proactively chart a course forward, even when the path ahead is unclear and the world around you might change. Through adaptive planning you can identify the priorities and actions that are most critical to success, and then build plans to act – and react – to risks or barriers that might be on your path towards impact.

In this webinar, you’ll:
  • Learn about “adaptive planning” – an alternative approach to “traditional” strategic planning
  • Hear about the concept of a “destination” to anchor an adaptive planning process
  • Understand how to define a set of priorities aligned with your organization’s destination
  • Think through how to take action, accounting for the potential hurdles you may face

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