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The Bridgespan Group provides free, monthly webinars for nonprofit professionals. Our webinars and trainings are designed to provide you with practical tools that can increase your nonprofit’s impact, your own professional development, and leadership skills. Sign up to attend a webinar that you're interested in below.


Succeeding with Succession: What is Succession Planning? How to Get Started
Oct 27, 2020 12:00 PM Pacific Time

If succession planning is so important, why do CEOs and boards put it off? According to our research, nonprofit leaders agree that developing future leaders is critical to continuing to fulfill their organizations’ missions. But when it comes to taking the actions necessary to develop future leaders systematically, and well, many of us admit to falling short.

In this webinar we’ll share what succession planning is, and how to build succession plans aligned to your broader organizational leadership development framework. It's critical to build your organization’s future leaders before the need for a transition arises. We’ll also talk about how to center equity in your organization’s definition of “leadership” and ensure your team is actively mitigating bias in this process.

In this webinar, you’ll:
- See a competency-based framework for leadership development
- Learn about the components of an effective succession plan and the process for crafting one
- Hear about other elements of a successful leadership transition process

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Level Up Your Executive Team
Nov 16, 2020 12:00 PM Pacific Time

A nonprofit executive team's effectiveness is essential for an organization's success. Yet even in the best of times, these teams underperform for a variety of reasons, and often these challenges are exacerbated during times of crisis or uncertainty.

The five steps we’ll discuss in this session can help nonprofit executive teams move from underperforming to high-performing in their work to advance their organizations' missions, even during difficult times.

In this webinar, we will explore:
• What are the most important considerations to improve a nonprofit executive team?
• How can you keep your team’s time focused on the most critical issues?
• What is the CEO’s role in supporting a high-performing executive team?

Not sure where to start? Download the Executive Team Effectiveness toolkit, based on years of extensive research and work with over 200 nonprofits.

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Is the Leadership Accelerator right for me? Q&A and Sneak Peek
November 30, 2020 12:00 PM PT

The Bridgespan Leadership Accelerator is a flexible, self-paced program that blends online lessons, individual pre-work, and guided team meetings to help your executive team engage in talent development and strategic planning. Join us for a conversation with two Bridgespan specialists to talk about whether Investing in Future Leaders and Achieving Strategic Clarity can help your organization.

We’ll cover:
  • Program basics: timing, what you’ll learn in each program, scholarships and talking to funders
  • Platform demo: what the online lessons and pre-work look like, how the in-person team summits are structured
  • Q&A with coaches: is this program right for you? Get the answers you’re looking for

We are now accepting applications for our next Investing in Future Leaders and Achieving Strategic Clarity sessions.

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