Preeta Nayak

Partner and Head of Leadership & Community Services

What I care about: I'm a builder—and I particularly love building vibrant, forward-looking organizations. Over the last twenty-five years, I’ve had the great fortune to advise nonprofit leaders (and leadership teams) tackling all sorts of thorny issues—everything from big-picture strategy to the nuances of decision-making within the team. And every day I've been impressed by the heads and hearts leading our sector.

What I bring to this work: My family moved from India to the US when I was two years old, and I grew up in a small town in Eastern Kentucky where my father was the local surgeon. Growing up, I experienced both the warmth and wonder of small-town community and the sense of being "on the outside" that will be familiar to any immigrant reading these lines. After college, I spent ten years teaching middle school and running afterschool and summer programs for youth. I like to think that all of those experiences – as a student, teacher, and program jack-of-all-trades – have helped me to be a better listener and advisor to other nonprofit leaders.

My favorite projects: I love that Bridgespan has given me the opportunity to explore and build new management tools—and then put those tools into the hands of hundreds of leaders via our Leading for Impact and Leadership Accelerator programs! A leadership team that's firing on all cylinders is unstoppable—and I hope that I've contributed to a few of those along the way.

My expertise: Executive Teams, Leadership Development, Organizational Effectiveness

What I do outside the office: My happiness level “goes to eleven” when I find myself in the midst of some good detective fiction (novels or Netflix), hosting brunch for old friends, or on a California roadtrip with my husband and daughter. When the stars align and I plan really really well, I can get all three to happen in one long weekend!

Education: I have a BA in political science from Yale University, an MA in education from Columbia University, and an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.