December 18, 2018

Better Understanding the Impact in Impact Investing

{^widget|(name)BSG.PersonalizedCard|(Path)%2fPersona-Widget-Content%2fImpact-Investing%2f%2525|(TilePosition)right|(widget_displayname)*+Personalized+Card^}The global impact investing market doubled to $228 billion in 2017 and now counts among its supporters both many of the world’s largest asset managers as well as asset owners. Yet, this fast-developing industry struggles at times to answer a fundamental question: how do we know impact investing is creating real impact, and how can we better inform decision-makers to help guide them in pursuit of that same impact?

Good intentions among fund managers and investees don’t make up for the sometimes confusing and wide variety of standards and frameworks for impact measurement. Such uncertainty opens the door to both selling the concept of impact investing without delivering on actual impact—so-called impact washing—but also that dollars invested towards impact might not be going towards effective solutions.

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