11/28/2011 |

Day 11: The next time you’re asked to make a donation, ask three tough questions. #30DayDonorChallenge #GiveSmart

11/28/2011 |

When you’re known as “the generous philanthropist,” you can expect solicitations from a wide range of audiences, family, friends, and strangers alike. The trouble is, although many worthy causes exist, you only have limited amounts of time and money to devote to them.

The next time you are asked for a charitable solicitation, think of—and ask—three tough questions that can help both you and the potential grantee determine if a funding relationship is a good fit. Questions might involve the organization’s strategy and results, organization and operations, financials, or leadership. For more detail on how to research a nonprofit or what types of questions you might ask, see our Donor Decision Tool, which delivers a customized plan to guide your research into nonprofits you're thinking of funding.


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