04/22/2013 |

Earth Day Every Day—Five Philanthropists Who Are Working to Save the Environment

04/22/2013 |
GiveSmart-environment.jpgToday is Earth Day, the day we put environmental concerns front and center and honor the need to protect Earth’s natural resources for both people today and for future generations.
  Yet for some people—such as Tom Steyer, John and Tashia Morgridge, Steve McCormick, and Ted Turner—every day is Earth Day. These five are among the philanthropists we interviewed who are putting their dollars to work to tackle environmental issues.

Sustainability: Why Tom Steyer is confronting this moral issue

More on Tom Steyer >>

Environmental conservation: John and Tashia Morgridge hope to preserve a love of the outdoors for future generations

More on John and Tashia Morgridge >>

Conservation’s “extraordinary transformation”: Steve McCormick on making a theory a reality

More on Steve McCormick >>

Preserving Earth: Ted Turner champions the environment for future generations

More on Ted Turner >>
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