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Develop Future Leaders

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If there’s one key lesson to developing leaders it’s that leadership is learned by doing. That’s why a growing number of nonprofits use the 70/20/10 model as their blueprint for leadership training. As its name suggests, the model calls for 70 percent on-the-job training, supplemented with 20 percent coaching and mentoring, and 10 percent formal training.

How to Create a 70-20-10 Leadership Development Plan
This video walks you through what the 70/20/10 model means, and how you can use it with your team to create actionable development plans.

Create a 70-20-10 Plan for Yourself or a Direct Report
Look at a sample development plan, and then create one for yourself or a direct report. Follow up on this activity by showing your development plan to your manager or direct report.

Y-USA's Developing Cause-Driven Leaders Guide
Having trouble coming up with stretch projects, coaching opportunities, and formal trainings? Check out the YMCA's guide as a best-in-class example of how to link development areas to on-the-job opportunities for your organization's emerging leaders.

KIPP Transition Support
As high-potential employees begin to take on new leadership roles, developing clear expectations and guidelines for how their job responsibilities will change can be incredibly useful.

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4. Develop Future Leaders

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